Church Services

Our upcoming church services are as follows.


Sunday 10th November 11am Morning Worship –  Remembrance Sunday Order with Children joining us for Children’s Address and a closing hymn  Rev John Brackenridge Organ
Sunday 17th November 11am Café Worship  with informal communion  Rev J Brackenridge & Praise Team 
Sunday 24th November 11am Formal Communion. Children join us for Children’s Address and closing hymn  Rev John Brackenridge Organ
Sunday 24th November 2019  7pm An evening of Celtic Psalms
Offering for Vision 2022 
Led by The Rev Kiran Young Wimberly Kiran Young Wimberly is an American Presbyterian minister who served in Hillsborough and Belfast. She arranges psalms to Irish, English and Scottish melodies and has recorded two Celtic Psalms albums with Irish Catholic musicians. 
Sunday 1st December 2019 11am GB Enrolment  – Family Service  – children remain for the whole service Rev J Brackenridge
Organ & Praise Team
Sunday 8th December 10 am BROADCAST service Radio Ulster Morning Worship Seated by 9.30am  Rev J Brackenridge & Rev Dr Leslie Carroll
Organ & Praise Team
Sunday 15th December 11am Morning WorshipChildren join us for  Children’s Address and Praise  items  Rev J Brackenridge
Organ & Praise Team
Saturday 21st December 6pm Horizons – Service in Vestibule & names on Tree of Lights on lawn Rev JB, Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh & Horizons reps.
Sunday 22nd December 11am Nativity Service Musicians and Sunday School
Sunday 22nd 5.30pm Carols and Lessons Organ & choir
Wednesday 25th Dec 10am Christmas Morning Service Organ & Carols JB
Sunday 29th December 11am Short Christmas Service Organ & Carols JB