Bible Study

What is your first thought when you read the words “BIBLE STUDY”?

Maybe it is “that’s not for me”, or “I don’t know my Bible well enough” etc. What ever your thoughts are when you read these words, consider checking the groups out. These possibly were some of the thoughts of the people who are now in the groups. No one claims to know his or her Bible well, including the leader. It is a time to learn, share and encourage one another and to grow in our faith together. In the groups there is real friendship and lots of fun.  The study running form September this year is called Deeper Encounter  called “Playing Second Fiddle” a study based on Romans 12.

YOU are welcome to either of these groups

GROUP: “To me the Bible Study is a place to learn, share, be encouraged and grow together. A place to just be ourselves wherever we are on our journey of faith.”
Marion Craig

WEDNESDAY GROUP: “The fellowship in the Bible Study has been a great encouragement to me as I seek to know more of God’s teaching”
Noel Stevenson

VENUE AND TIME: Tuesday 8pm Boyd Room (except 1st Tues in the month)

Wed10am (for coffee) Boyd Room.

For more information please e-mail the church office.

PRAYER GATHERING: This group meets each Thurs from 7pm – 8pm to pray for world needs, our congregation and for people who are sick or in any kind of need. If you would like prayer for others or yourself please e-mail the church office