Prayer Healing Ministry


is God meeting us at the point of our need, whether that is in the body, mind or spirit; through prayer in the name of Jesus, bringing people the healing love of Jesus and the peace of the loving Christ.  Remembering always that the members of the team are only instruments; God heals; we simply surround the person with prayer, be a channel to welcome the Holy Spirit, and have faith in God’s willingness and power to heal, in His way and time.

Divine Healing is based on the Bible teaching, and follows the instructions of Jesus found in many passages for example, in John Ch 14:12 & 13 Jesus said,

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me, will do what I have been doing, because I am going to the Father. You can ask anything in my name I will give it to you because the work of the Son brings glory to the Father”

A team of 17 people have been trained by “Divine Healing Ministries” under the leadership of Rev Br David Jardine and his team.  The team offer you a variety of opportunities for healing prayer.

PRAYER FOR ANY NEED: You can receive prayer for any need in your life – loneliness, past hurts, stress, physical healing, broken relationships, your relationship with God or perhaps someone you are concerned about. Through prayer we can expect to find God’s strength, comfort, peace and healing.


will be offered on the first Thursday in each month from 1pm – 1.30pm with the opportunity for personal prayer and the anointing of oil at the close of the service.

There is also the opportunity for chat over a cup of tea/coffee in the coffee dock.


“Speaking as someone who had received great comfort, strength and support from shared prayer with members of this Healing Team, I would encourage you to come and receive God’s healing love and peace”


You may wish to request prayer to be said by members of the team for yourself or someone you know in need.  Write the person’s name (and brief details if you so wish) on a Prayer Request  Card available in church pew or in the porch.  Place in the Prayer Box on the porch table. Requested prayers will be said by the Healing Team for 30 days.  Prayer requests can also be received by phone to

church office 92 660144 or

e-mail :

We the members of the team acknowledge the great privilege and position of trust in which we are placed, and step out in faith, in response to God’s calling, to build upon His church here in First Lisburn.  By God’s grace we move forward in this new Ministry of Healing, bringing to those in need of wholeness, the healing love of the living Christ.