Sunday School

The main aim of Sunday School is to present the Christian faith to our children and young people in ways that encourage them to place their faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord and to become full and active members of the church. We aim to work in partnership with parents and we firmly believe that a modern Sunday School programme presented in a relevant way, is an integral and important part of our congregational life.

Sunday School starts at 10.45am in the Basement Hall, parts of our lessons all the boys and girls are together and other times we divide into smaller age groups.

At 1140 The Children join with our Church Family for the last 20 minutes of our Service.

Everyone will receive a very warm welcome from committed leaders in a caring environment. You will notice an encouraging “buzz” of young family involvement.

First Lisburn Sunday School invite Children P1-P7 to go on a journey through the parables. Like the parables themselves the next 10 weeks will surprise, comfort, and challenge your children. We hope that they will transform both you and your kids to be more like Jesus.
“The Kids Travel Guide to the Parables” is our theme and it ties in perfectly with our Minister travelling to Jerusalem for his Sabbatical where he will also be looking at the Parables.
Each week the Boys and Girls will arrive to an Airport themed Basement hall,  where they will get their Travel Passports stamped (we have plenty more Passports available).
After clearing security they  enter the DEPARTURES AREA for an introduction of the days lesson and a departure prayer.
After a fun activity and or game everyone will board our Sunday School Aircraft which from today has been named
“FLAREWAYS”   (First Lisburn our way)
Once we have our seat belts on we will set off and travel through the Parable for each week. Today we were very fortunate to have the teacher hostesses serve breakfast.
Before returning to the Arrivals area we hopefully will have time to get a Souvenir of our trip to remind us of the story.
Back in the ARRIVALS lounge its time for a ” HOME AGAIN PRAYER”, gather up our luggage and join our Church Family.
Everyone is very welcome.

Under the Leadership of Sheila Hammonds and assistant Cherie Roy, the teachers are:

Little Pals, for pre-school children age 2+
Meet in “The Boyd Room”
Nicola Andrews, Ann Shepherd, Helen Conroy, Gillian Methven, Patricia Bowler, Emma Uprichard, Katherine McKnight, Lesley McLean.

P1,  P2 &  P3
Meet in TheBasement Hall
Emily Millen & Jill Hanna, Rachel Flynn, Audrey Steele

P4, P5, P6 & P7
Meet in The Basement Hall
Tanya Kelly, Cherie Roy, Jacquie Brackenridge & Margaret Thompson


The lesson themes are planned in advance and emailed out to the parents.  The teaching team are very dedicated and have age related fun lessons prepared for each week.

If you would like to add a child to our Email list please contact